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This small information site is linked to the UK Bhakti Facebook Group, on which you’ll find postings about Kirtan and other events happening in the UK. Please join the Facebook group and share any relevant Bhakti events. You can also email any Bhakti-related events directly to the group: You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter to have Bhakti events delivered straight  to your inbox; click the link on the right to see the latest issue, or look at our events page. You can also find profiles, web sites and other contact details for Devotional Singers and Musicians based in the UK. Please ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.

This site has been created to help support the Bhakti community in the UK. It was created, and is supported and maintained, by volunteers in the UK Bhakti community. Please donate to the running costs if you find this site useful.

Welcome to the UK Bhakti homepage

“ Love sustains


   Love is the foundation

   of the universe. ”

         Messages from Amma

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The Sanskrit Bhakti, from the root bhaj, is often translated as ‘devotion’ (Bhajan, ‘devotional song’ is from the same root); other translations of bhakti include: ‘to share in’, ‘to belong to’, ‘to worship’, ‘love’.


‘Yoking’, the method for attainment of union with the Divine. Bhakti yoga is one of three main yoga methods discussed in the Bhagavad Gita.